Is the dream realized of a girl who instantly fell in love with the fine Italian craftsmanship. Thushini Fernando, born and raised in Sri Lanka set her first mark in Milan under “Thread Milan”, an Italian handmade footwear brand.
Thushini brings timeless style and creativity to her products that can be clearly recognized as the basic philosophy behind the footwear brand.
Thread is dedicated to bring out the Italian craftsmanship, high quality leather and the overall quality that is 100% designed and produced in Italy, adding true authenticity to each Thread product.

The brand values mix cultural heritage with love for classic Italian style.
The manufacturer is based in Vigevano; a small town near Milan, where the best shoes of the world are being produced.
Their skills in crafting state of the art footwear are handed down from generation to generation, combined with a strong passion for the quality of the materials and for perfectly finished details.

What started as a journey fuelled by the love for Italian craftsmanship in handmade shoes was later combined with the love for Scandinavian and minimalistic styles that has an unconventional and sophisticated aesthetic, which resulted in the creation of a much larger concept beyond footwear; a concept store that offer a carefully selected collection of niche brands under the same brand name “Thread”.



The store offers an in-house line as well as a curated selection of some of the favorite Scandinavian brands with the aim of broadening our spectrum of fascination and inspiration.
The collection offered at the store is a promise of effortless and timeless beauty that has inspired us to offer you a truly remarkable experience.

Thread’s commitment continues to revolve around quality, ensuring that the selections available stand the test of time while embracing the finer points of design as we believe that true elegance lies in the details.
Thread is about love, care and mindfulness that keeps us true to our commitment.

We invite you to Thread concept store, a place warmed up with positive vibes, happy culture and a lot of love.

Allow us to elevate your experience!